Alice In Wonderland Madness!!

OK!!!! So, after having it brought to my attention how many sites have stolen my photo of Lake’s Alice In Wonderland tattoo, I decided it was time for me to post something on my own fucking blog about it!! With the upcoming release of the new Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland, Lake’s tattoo has gotten a lot of attention on the internet and in the press. Funny enough, I have had many customers come to me over many years for an Alice In Wonderland tattoo. All different versions. I would like to take this opportunity, to get a little more in depth about 2 of them.

I have to say that Lake’s tattoo was an enormous undertaking. All the hours spend discussing, drawing, and tattooing were more than worth it. Also, the lady that had me work this together for her, kicks more ass then you will ever know, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her over the hours and hours of tattooing. We have had way to much fun! Which is usually my goal for each day anyways.  This tattoo was quite the collaboration of ideas between us. Lake had a clear vision of what she wanted and had spend many years thinking and saving for it. When she graduated from college, this was her reward to herself. It was not only a commitment of my time, it was the biggest commitment for her. I made it very clear during our first consultation, what it was going to take to complete this piece, and the restrictions with it being a tattoo would put on her vision. But, less than a year later, working at 8 hours at a time on average, every other Saturday most of the time, here we are!! There were a few times I would make her wait longer to come back for her next appointment. It’s a lot for a body to not only handle getting tattooed, but then to properly heal. Since completing the Alice piece for Lake, we have done a few others on her. Including both sides of her ribs, her feet, and stomach (none of these have to do with Alice by the way, many people have asked). This is by far the most well know Alice In Wonderland tattoo I have done. Lake is the most “gangsta” client I have had in my chair to date!

The other tattoo I would like to talk about here is one from the 1865 novel written by the English author Charles Lutwig Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. This tattoo was completed a few years before I did the Disney version. I love doing many different styles of tattooing, color or black and gray, just depends on what the piece needs to be to have the right feel to it. Reproducing a vintage drawing like this one from the book, it definitely needed to stay black and gray. This was also this woman’s first tattoo! I know she was a little nervous to go this big, but for the life of the tattoo and to make it fit the best, we do what we must. It’s hard going large scale for their first tattoo, but as artists we can usually read when you have a customer that will be able to handle it. I love this piece as well and I know she has plans to build off of it someday.

Both of these pieces were so much fun and my honor to be able to work on. I know the artist does get a lot of the credit for the pieces when they become a little more well known, but these ladies deserve some credit too. I couldn’t have done it without them!

For more photos of these pieces, please visit my website:


I asked Lake to write something up herself to share with the world about her tattoo and experience. Here’s what she sent me.. Thanks again Lake.. You kick ass!!!

“Holly is the most creative/talented person I have ever met. That’s mostly why I’m addicted to her tattoos. She has decorated over half my torso with her artwork, but my Alice piece is by far my favorite. I came to Holly with my idea in May ’08 and it was complete by February ’09. It came out better than I could ever have hoped. I spent most of that year wrapped in saran wrap because of it, but it was worth it. Most of the tattoo wasn’t even in my original idea, but I would come to Holly and say “I think this would be awesome” and then two weeks later she would have it drawn up.  She knew how important it was to me to have the characters look exactly like they did in the movie and she was very dedicated to my vision. I had the thickest reference folder in her filing cabinet with picture after picture of characters in the movie. I don’t know that anyone could have put up with how anal I was about the way I wanted this to look like the way she did. Not only is she a great artist, but she is an awesome person. She is one of the funniest people I know and always had me laughing even when she was tattooing my elbow (which is crazy painful). She was amazing to work with and I respect her tremendously. I’m so jealous that Massachusetts gets to keep her. And just for the record no it didn’t hurt in my armpits.”

-Lake Jurosko

11 thoughts on “Alice In Wonderland Madness!!

  1. I love that…thank you for your words…I attempt to use my words as art, like you use pictures, painting pictures in the readers’ minds…. Anyway, I love your “stuff.” :)

  2. I’ve seen this about in various places and I must say you did a gorgeous job. Love that you captured the many facets of it in the color one. Bravo!

    • Thank you Stacy!! it has been getting around to say the least.. myself and Lake are very proud of this piece and for everything she went through to get it I’m happy for her it’s getting as much press as it is

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  5. Thank you so very much for your comment.. I have had a great time spending hours on end working with her.. it was definitely a labor of love for both of us as all of her tattoos arent an instant gratification piece.. She is one of the clients that im sad to be much farther away from now but makes my trips back to NC that much more worth it.. Im happy to hear that the tattoo is “Mother approved”:-)

  6. i’ve been looking to do an alice sleeve for a few months now. I was just searching for images when this tat came up. It’s absolutely breath-taking. Although it’s more than I have open space for, it’s exactly the thing i’m looking to do. The rosebush on the shoulder is just beautiful.:) You are truly talented, Holly, and Lake, this was a wonderful idea.

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