I wanted to put out an official “statement” and thank you to everyone, old and new clients, friends, and the ones I call family!! Without you, I don’t know where the fuck I’d be! In 2008 my life changed forever and in 2009 I moved back to Massachusetts with a dream, a broken heart and vague plan. I never thought in 5 years, this is where I’d be. As hard as each year has been, it has made me stronger and fight that much harder. My life and the studio have gone through some amazing triumphs and falls, but that is all part of the story and the process. Each day I try, and learn, and push to make that day count… Without the support of my friends and the best clients a girl could ever ask for, I wouldn’t have the ability or the courage to do what I do each day. I am not great with words, but I do try to find them when I really feel they need to be spoken.. Today, I need to say thank you!!!!
The last year I have spent a lot of time working on myself to be a better friend, tattooist, business owner, and human being. The old saying, “You cant help anyone until you help yourself” finally rang true for me. So when the time came, decisions were made, and priorities were adjusted, and I will continue to do this into 2015 and beyond. I have sacrificed a lot of myself for a long time and now I am trying to find the balance in life and work. It’s not easy and I don’t accomplish this most days, but will continue to fight each day for myself and for those around me.
I have some of the most trusting and caring clients and I truly do want to be the best tattooist I can for you. This year I have transitioned Always & Forever Tattoo into a by-appointment-only studio. This is allowing me to make the most of the limited hours in each day and really be able to focus on each individual client. Although I like to think there are unlimited hours each day and that someday there will be an 8th day of the week, I haven’t quite accomplished that! However, I do want to make sure that each client I can take on gets the best tattoo that I can make for them. I also want to make sure the clients I am not able to take on are pointed in a good direction. I am constantly working to make sure everyone has the best experience possible in the studio and the expectations for their new tattoo are more than exceeded! I truly love the process from consult to completion, I love watching each client see their ideas come to life, and there is no happier place than when I have a machine in my hand.
In looking back at the tattoos that were done in 2014 and those that I will be starting in 2015, I am so overwhelmed and grateful!… you guys are simply awesome to work with and I cant wait to see all that 2015 has to offer! Please know that your patience, love, and support mean the world to me. Tattooing fuels my life and I have some big plans for this next chapter. I look forward to making it all happen together!!
Peace, love, and penguins

The Man That Changed My Life

Today is the day that John officially left this living world.. 5 years have passed and the hurt and sadness only seems worse at times.. Today I remember the man that gave me the gift of a new life in the tattoo world, that believed in me when no one else did and let me grow and experience things that make me who I am today.. I can never fully explain how much John means to me and how hard it is for me to express this at times.. If he loved and respected you, he would do anything for you.. He changed so many lives for the better and we continue to pass this along to others that were not able to cross paths with John.. Once again, I thank you tattoo daddy for everything!!Photo Jan 27, 11 52 50 PM Photo Jan 29, 9 10 38 AMLittle John Tribute

Photo/Quote Of The Week – Cats

“Cat: a pygmy lion who love mice, hates dogs, and patronizes human beings.”

~Oliver Herford

Photo Jan 20, 2 56 41 PM (1)

(I do not know the artist that did the above painting, if you recognize it please leave the info in a comment below so I may credit them.. Its ana amzing piece of art)

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And here are my personal herd of kittes.. Jack (man face) and his twin sister Little Fat Fat, Lady and Olive.. They are my happy place and have saved my life in more ways than I could explain.. If you are a pet owner you know how special these beings are in our lives.. Cherish them and spoil them the way the deserve.. If you have more room in your life, please consider adopting and keeping another kitty out of the cold

Quote Of The Week (kinda)

SO this week I decided I’d rather post lyrics, it’s still a quote, right?  Every time I hear this song I pushes me up from within but it’s also a reminder that you must “take a night off” once in awhile.. Last night was my night! Its’s really easy for me to get wrapped up in work and this year I have decided I am doing more things for myself and taking more time for myself outside of the shop.. I have started taking Krav Maga classes, which has been a great way to get some of this bottled up energy and frustration out.. Im taking more road trips this year, some that are tattooing related, some that are not.. And of course Im going to more concerts, the other great love of my life! Whats the point of working hard if you dont play hard too!!!??? So here is the video and lyrics to one of my all time favorite songs, enjoy!!!

Lyrics to Take The Night Off :

Brutal – the big picture is so cruel to us
and everyone’s life is such a tiny speck
Some of the worst atrocities can pass, fifty miles away to no effectPower, power
has always been abused
work,debt, poverty, taxes
life’s oppressive rules
Power, power
just might never change
No answers will come from our bloodthirsty ways

Let’s take the night off from mental stress
let’s take the night off – this world’s a mess

Captive – held captive by our hopes and dreams
Our best intentions can destroy us
We shouldn’t grind ourselves away
Take a break, we need to maintain

Power, power
has always been abused
work,debt, poverty, taxes
life’s oppressive rules
Power, power
just might never change
No answers will come from our bloodthirsty ways

Commiserating has run it’s course
We’ll save the world tomorrow
We’ll have to wait until that day
We’ll wait, we’ll wait
but in the meantime
Let’s celebrate the we don’t give a fuck
Let’s celebrate that we don’t care
Let’s celebrate that we don’t give a fuck
With a middle finger high in the air
Let’s celebrate that we don’t give a fuck
Take the night off, pass the buck

Photo Of The Week – Random Shit

I warned you this shit is gonna be random!!Photo Dec 27, 6 03 12 PMDo not expect me to take all of these posts to seriously

(This is a random photo from Instagram I was tagged in because people love me and know I must see things like this.. I do not know where this is from so I cannot give the proper credit but please leave the info in a comment below if you do know)